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Industrial FRP Ducting/ Fiberglass Duct

We are manufacturer of FRP Duct or Fiberglass Duct. Finding use in different sectors, these FRP Ducts offered by us are corrosion resistant, long lasting, light weight as well as leak proof, thus making these easy as well as low maintenance choices. These fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) ducts find use in different types of installations like aquatic, industrial, commercial. Coming with many advantages over traditional ducting options, these ducts are filament wound with resins and glass as per the specific application needs and defined industry standards. Here, the filament winding support provided in the ducts make them deliver superior hoop strength, thus resulting in stronger duct. Further, the use of FRP as base material also makes these ducts light as well as provide for superior corrosion resistance. Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) duct products from Syed Fiberglass serve a wide array of applications including municipal, industrial and underground.

Syed Fiberglass FRP duct products offer numerous advantages over traditional ducting materials such as galvanized, stainless steel and PVC coated metals. Below you’ll find some of the many reasons we feel Syed Fiberglass FRP duct represents the best the industry has to offer.

Syed Fiberglass FRP duct is filament wound with glass and resins formulated for your specific application. The duct is manufactured to comply with recognized industry standards and can be customized to your exact specifications.

Superior resistance to corrosion and leakage are hallmarks of Syed Fiberglass FRP duct. The same corrosion resistant qualities can be maintained on both the inside diameter (ID) and outside diameter (OD) allowing for a wide range of applications.

Syed Fiberglass FRP duct is available in long lengths – up to 50 feet. A complete complement of standard FRP fittings and special shapes are manufactured. The light weight duct is exceptionally strong, making it easy for workers to handle on the job site. Factory manifolding, color options and custom wall thickness are all available to meet your unique job requirements.

Syed Fiberglass FRP duct can be field installed using simple tools. The joining material is the same glass and resin combination as the FRP ductwork. Syed Fiberglass can provide field training for the installing personnel. Optional flanged joints can be provided upon request.

All of our ductwork is available in both single-wall and double-wall (factory insulated). Syed Fiberglass pre-insulated double wall FRP duct offers superior performance over field-applied insulation. Advantages include assured uniformity of insulation, permanent protection of insulation by encasement on both ID and OD by a FRP shell, permanent vapor barrier to prevent moisture from condensing within the insulation, and superior thermal conductivity.

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