Fiberglass Art Work


We are the leading Manufacturers and Wholesalers of the finest quality range of Fiberglass ART products, fiberglass Statue, Fiberglass Sculptures, fiberglass Wall Murals, Fiberglass Dustbin, Fiberglass Domes and fiberglass Artwork Statue at cost-effective prices. We also offer make goodle quality fiberglass colorful art statues for decorate indoor or outdoor environment. Syed Fiberglass has the capabilities to create your sculpture from a simple sketch or a detailed 3-D cad file or even a miniature 3-D model.

We offer full service production:

  • fiberglass model creation

  • fiberglass mold design and build

  • fiberglass casting

  • full painting services

  • fiberglass horses

  • fiberglass dogs

  • fiberglass wildcats

  • fiberglass benches

  • fiberglass planes

  • fiberglass trains

  • fiberglass school mascots

  • fiberglass bears

  • fiberglass bulldogs

  • fiberglass ducks

  • fiberglass frogs

  • fiberglass whales

  • fiberglass penguins

  • fiberglass automobiles

  • fiberglass golf balls

  • fiberglass footballs

  • fiberglass fluer de lis

  • fiberglass school icons

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