About Us


Syed Fiber Glass (GRP Specialists) design and build fiberglass products and manufacturer of steel structure all our Pakistan. We offer Low-Cost Process. Services in Industrial Manufacturing, Marine Manufacturing, Automotive And Motorsport Applications, Commercial And Retail Applications, Architectural Mouldings and Structures.  We reliable manufacturer of fiberglass products, Heavy Duty Structure, Light Gauge Steel Framing, Pre-fabricated canopies & Pre-Engineered Buildings etc. Our commitment is to give our customers the confidence on product selection and educate them on its use. We invite you to visit our platform for a demonstration of our potentials and a variety of products we have designed, fabricated and delivered.

Over the past years, we have undertaken a number of big-scale projects and finished them on time with satisfying quality, which gained us much appreciates from many institutions both at home and abroad. Every building Fiberglass Products that we design, manufacture and erect is created keeping the pleasure of future occupants and owners in mind.
We are also executing fiberglass jobs for the Food Processing Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Dairy farms, Poultry Sheds, Car parking shed, Cold Storage, Housing Sector, and all major industries in all over Pakistan. We have built up very good relationship all of them because of our quality services provided to them through our dedicated and experienced team.

Fiberglass is a good quality, non-organic and non-metal material, which is regarded as. An important component of the technology revolution in the 20th century characterized by the development in material, energy and communication.

It was a long span of 5 thousand years from the production of the first glass fiber a few millimeters long to that of the first glass fiber in continuous length weighing a few grams. However it took mankind only 50 years to achieve the annual output of over 2 million tons of fiberglass since the manufacture of the first string of continuous glass fiber. This manifests the great power of technology revolution.

Pakistan fiberglass industries have witnessed an unprecedented development during last two decades with some aspects reaching the world advanced levels. Syed Fiber Glass manufacturer of the PFGICgrate® and PFGICFiber® brands, is the newly established company in molded fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) grating.

Syed Fiber Glass structures manufactures and sells the most complete line of high performance FRP products for industrial, commercial and recreational applications structural shapes. In addition to manufacturing a full line of proven products, Syed Fiber Glass also provides value-added services for its products including design, drafting, fabrication and installation. Syed Fiber Glass products key benefits include corrosion resistance, slip resistance, impact resistance, light weight, superior ergonomics, ease of installation, and long, low maintenance life cycles. These features and benefits qualify Syed fiberglass products for extensive use in various markets and applications including chemical, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, water and wastewater, metals and mining, transportation, telecommunications, architectural and recreation. Syed Fiber Glass structures consistently exceeds the mark of excellence set forth by safety and regulation organizations and has earned certification and approval for many of its products.

Syed Fiber Glass manufacturing facility is in process of ISO 9001:2008 certificate.

Syed Fiber Glass manufactures the full line of FRP products with the largest variety of resins in the industry. At Syed Fiber Glass many products not found anywhere else in the industry is available like our bacteria-inhibiting grating, High Load-Capacity Molded Grating, Covered Stair Treads and Super grating for severe corrosive environments. Our full line of products and value-added services are supported by a nationwide network of distributors, sales professionals and customer service groups helping to provide the high performance composite solution for your specific applications.